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2021 Parent Follow-up Form (Email us to request)




Check-Out is a great way share the things campers have

learned with their family. Parents can expect a debriefing

sheet with questions to discuss along with the main themes

covered. The check-out schedule is the same for ALL Camps.

One of the best features of a Camp of Champs experience is

the opportunity for parents to receive a hands-on high ropes activity with their child at the conclusion of camp. Either or both parents can receive this experience at no additional charge. Additional guests are charged at our non-profit rate  ($35/each). Please make sure to indicate in your registration if you plan on attending with your child. This session IS NOT required but is a fantastic opportunity to learn first hand what the campers experienced at the course as well as grow closer. 

10:00 AM

Check-Out  (located at Character Challenge Course)

12:00 pm

Team Building Debrief Concludes

Additional Information 

To get a more specific description of how the Camp of Champs activities address specific special needs, please follow this link. This information is important to determine if camp is the appropriate place for your child as well as to understand how our staff work to customize camp experiences based on the level of need and difficulty of care.