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Benefits of Camp of Champs

There are many great special needs summer camps in Minnesota. What sets the Camp of Champs apart is the element of team building, customized camp options, professional staff, and challenge course experience few settings can offer. Factor that in addition to being accredited with the American Camp Association and these camp opportunities are tough to replicate. Youth ages 11-19 with disabilities are welcome. Campers are grouped based on ability, age, and stage of emotional and social developmental. Many meals include all campers together, but smaller groups will be incorporated for discussions and character education throughout each day.

Team Building
Customized Camps

For children with special needs, the opportunity  to work with others provides valuable experiences. Campers receive specialized training at the Character Challenge Course, one of Minnesota's best team building facilities. Climbing 35' high elements or choosing to assist other campers on the ground, there are endless possibilities for campers to learn to communicate, follow directions, develop self-confidence, and build relationships. 

The fast paced schedule is great for campers with ADHD to allow for movement. The flexible schedule and trained counselors assist those campers with ASD or PTSD. The concrete boundaries and effective behavior management skills aid in working with campers who are behaviorally challenged, and more. The debriefing that is used after each lesson helps those with FASD to process cause and effect, along with application skills. Your child will feel success right from the start!

Lifelong Memories

The individual benefits of the Camp of Champs are endless and the memories your child creates will last a lifetime! We guarantee your child not only enjoy a classic summer camp experience, but one they will want to return to year after year. Our camps meet the needs of each child by tailoring the curriculum around the specific information you give us. Your child will be growing emotionally, socially, and behaviorally. Plus, your child will be housed at a pristine northern Minnesota log retreat center with highly trained and compassionate staff. New curriculum is designed by the directors each year and is modified for skill and ability levels of each camper.

Personal Growth

Our camps are a top resource for parents of children with special needs. This includes youth in the foster care system or those who have been adopted. We work with many youth with social skills deficits, educational needs, and special needs. We are also a resource for social workers, psychologists, and behavior and family therapists searching for opportunities for children to develop their social skills, confidence, and positive behavior management. Each family will receive a full color resource guide (at check-in) that serves as a great souvenir and also provides debriefing and discussion questions for parents. 


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