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2023 Sessions

**Please note** The Camp of Champs is not the most appropriate setting for every child. If your child has a 1:1 in a school setting, a history of physical or verbal aggressiveness, or sexualized behavior, please contact us BEFORE enrolling.  Our camps are smaller than some other programs. While we have had camps of 100-150 kids per week, we strongly believe that the smaller setting allows kiddos to connect in a deeper way with each other and our highly trained and compassionate staff team. We will maintain a high behavioral expectation for campers and they will be asked to sign a behavior agreement before camp. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Not only do we want your camper to be a good fit for our program, we want to be a good fit for them as well. We ARE NOT a Residential Treatment Facility program that is equipped to work with highly aggressive kiddos. Youth who are able to be re-directed, WANT to be a camper, are capable of following directions, caring for others, and desiring to learn these important skills are great candidates. If your camper meets some of this description but not all, please contact us in advance of registering so that we can answer questions and learn more about your kiddo's needs. 


Camp of Champs-LITE Sessions


The new LITE Program ("Leaders in Training Experience") will provide higher functioning youth an opportunity to practice independent living, develop leadership skills/potential, and focus on transition skills. Fun activities for LITE campers include:

In order to be eligible for our LITE Program, campers must meet criteria. If your child is in a setting I or II in special education with a desire to lead, influence and grow but has particular needs you think we could help address, please contact us for more information.

  • Be a returning camper (or successful camp experience elsewhere)

  • Demonstrate a desire for achievement and growth (in school, community and home) & refrain from disrespectful behavior & language.

  • Refrain from unhealthy and inappropriate choices

  • An interview and possible brief essay

  • Age 11-19

If you have questions on your camper meeting these criteria please contact us.

Payment Policies


Character Challenge Adventures reserves the unrestricted right to dismiss, without a refund, any camper who exhibits emotional, psychological or behavioral conditions that are disruptive to the camp program or that are harmful to himself or the well being of other campers or staff without refund.

• Full refund (less the non refundable deposit of $1,000) if written cancellation is received up to 30 days prior to June 1.

• Half refund (less the non refundable deposit $1,000) if written cancellation is received up to 15 day prior to June 1.

• No refund for cancellations after May 15th, 2023. 

• There will be no refund in the event of a camper’s late arrival, early departure, cancellation after May 15th or dismissal. Please note: due to high costs & fixed expenses of facilitating these camp events, (including insurance, supplies, staff retention and training, etc), deposits are non-refundable.

Covid-19 drastically altered our ability to operate and continue to operate camp for future years. While we would like to fill all sessions, we will not be able to offer refunds. We will however, reserve the right to offer a replacement session if the reason for cancellation was caused by Covid-19. This will be handled on a case by case basis. 



A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required to process each enrollment application. Camp of Champs final balance is due by May 15, 2023. No refunds after this date. The camp tuition includes: board, lodging, camp nursing care program supplies, staffing and activities. After online deposit, please pay balance in cash or check only. You will receive a confirmation notification once deposit is received. If the deadline for registration is missed, contact camp staff. In order to have a spot fully reserved and have your application and registration be complete, the deposit or full payment must be made.

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